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Current Officers

President:  Greg Lawrence

Vice President:  Kevin Leitzell 

Treasurer:  Jim Gioffreda

Secretary:  Stephanie Mordensky

Chapter Facebook Group:


The MarValous Chapter (17)


The Marvalous Chapter resulted with the formation of the Ches Del Bays Chapter in 2002. When it formed Ches Del Bays established a boundary that included the state of Delaware which formerly was within the boundary of DelMarVA Chapter. In 2012 DelMarVa Chapter was renamed the Mavalous Chapter.


The DelMarVA Chapter was formed in 1976 and chartered as the second Chapter in District Three in 1977. Prior to 1977 many events and get togethers were organized in and around the Washington/Baltimore area. Louise Eyler, a long time member and chapter officer, stated: “I have records showing we met as early as 1971 and even earlier on an irregular basis.” LPA requires at least eight people to meet over a one year period and submit an application for charter if they wish to form a chapter. At the time of its original charter 27 persons were signatories to the charter application for what is now the Marvalous Chapter.


In 1978 Ruth Williams, a chapter member received the Orville E. Beal award for outstanding community work from the Prudential Insurance company. She was one of 38 individuals to receive the award nationwide.


Chapter officers in 1977 were: Charles Eyler Jr. – President; Kathleen (Dee Dee) Miller – Vice President; Louise Eyler – Secretary/Treasurer. Louise Eyler became President in 1981 and her husband Charles was elected Secretary/Treasurer. In 1981 Charles and Louise Eyler were selected as the adult recipients of the “Distinguished Service Award” awarded by Little People of America for their long  involvement with  and support for the organization. Both had been active in LPA for 15 years prior to the award.


1988 and 1989 were filled with planning and preparations for the LPA Conference in the Summer of 1989. Dee Miller and Betty Elder were Conference Co-Chairs and all chapter members pitched in for registration, events, tours, workshops and all the events that go with a National Conference.  Attendance was 799.


Chapter members Robin Zeltner and Daria DePietro worked with Carol McDonald to introduce a dwarf puppet in the “Kids on the Block” program. The program is offered in the schools and introduces and discusses disability and related issues common to all disabled students.


A film, “Growing Up is Harder Than it Seems” was available to chapter members in 1985. The film profiles a hypopituitary dwarf and examined natural growth hormone replacement therapy. At the time cases of Creutzfield-Jakob disease were discovered in America and linked to the National Hormone and Pituitary Program.


Dr.  Clair Francomano discussed the topic: The Current Studies of Dwarfism – What’s Happening.


In 1994, then President Ruth Ricker, appointed chapter member Jane McNew to develop a pilot project for average siblings of LP’s. In 1995 a completed project was presented for adoption by all Chapters in the organization.


Rich and Norma Garber, chapter members from Baltimore, MD.,were recognized for their work with the Disabilities Awareness program in the Harford County elementary schools during 1994. The couple were also featured in VIP magazine, published for employees  of Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. where Rich works as a telecommunications installer.


Dr. Clair Fancomano was a guest of the chapter in April, 1994 and spoke on the topic Whats Happening in Genetics Today – How will it affect Dwarism?  


The Marvalous Chapter has hosted several regional meetings including: 1980 – Laurel, Maryland; 200 - Hampton Beach, VA; 2004 - Herndon, VA; 2008 – Virginia Beach, VA;



MarValous Chapter Presidents

1977 – 78     Charles Eyler Jr.

1978             Charles Eyler Jr.

1979             Bill Miller

1980             Charles Eyler

1981             Louise Eyler




1985                Gina Zingaro  

1986               Carol Larson

1987                Dee Miller

1988                Dee Miller

1989                Dee Miller

1990                 Susan Whie

1991               Susan White

1992                Michael Patton

1994                Ruth Ricker

1996                Greg Lawrence

1998 – 00      Richard Garber

2000 – 04       Anu Trombino

2008 – 10       Dave Miller

2010 - 12        Dan Hammil

2012 – 14       Sasha Puyans

2014 – 16       Clare Campbell

2016 – 18       Deana Henry

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