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What is a Regional?


District meetings or "Regionals" are held twice a year in the spring and fall in each District at an agreed upon location.  They usually start on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday.  There is a main hotel where the majority of the events take place and most people stay there for the weekend.  If you live in the area you do not have to stay at the hotel but whether you stay at the hotel or not you must register for the regional with District 3.


District 3 regionals vary in size but can be anywhere from under 100 people to over 300.  There are a variety of activities planned from a hospitality room on Friday, children's room, workshops, medical consultations, off-site events, and a banquet dinner and dance.


At each District Regional, the District Director chairs the District Officer's Meeting and General Assembly Meeting, usually held Saturday morning.  He or she discusses with the membership current district business and reports on national issues.  The District Director should provide any relevant feedback to the Board of Directors. 


In the afternoon there are often group activities planned for all ages.  The big gathering is the banquet and dance on Saturday night.  


Sundays are the day everyone is packing to head home and say goodbye to new friends they made at the regional.


For more information be sure to check out our Regional FAQ Section.

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