Current District 3 Officers


Your current District 3 Officers were elected at the 2017 District 3 Fall Regional with another election held for District Director in Spring of 2018.  There term is for 3 years from 2017.  The Officers serve the members of District 3 of LPA so always be sure to let them know if there is any thing that needs to be brought to their attention.

Clare Campbell
District Director

Claire was born and raised in Los Angeles and joined LPA in 1981.  She has had various roles in LPA including Organ Blossom Chapter President in 1988, LA Chapter President in 1992 and MarValous Chapter President in 2016.  She has also be the National Volunteer Corrdinator.  She was elected District 3 Secretary in 2017 and then ran for District Director in Spring of 2018.

In her personal life Claire has two children Vincent and Gracie.  Claire works as a real estate appraiser.

Amanda Tisdale
Assistant Director

Amanda Tisdale has been a lifetime member of LPA for 22 years. Prior to her role as Assistant Director, she held past Carolinian Chapter Officer positions of President and Treasurer.


Amanda has been a Human Resources Software Consultant with ADP for over 10 years. She is married and has two children, Theron and Harper. Amanda enjoys spending time at the beach or the lake and traveling as time permits. She is looking forward to serving as your Assistant Director!

Julie Monahon
District Treasurer

Julie Monahon is from from Columbia, South Carolina and has received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Winthrop University. As an accountant, she has over 13 years of experience providing high-level financial reports for a large corporation.


When Julie was much younger, she was part of Little People of America and her family would take her to various chapter meetings over the summer and school breaks. Even though her family was supportive, at some point she decided on my own that she wanted a break.  


Now fast forward to Julie in her 30s being much wiser, Julie realized that she needed to rekindle her relationship with LPA.  She wanted to have strong relationships with people who she could relate to through the organization. Julie decided to give it a try again. Next thing she knew she was going to a Regional and then a National conference!  As she volunteered to help out the District for the Regional conference, she realized it involved a lot of team work. She was able to see glimpses of details that she probably wouldn’t have even thought about had she not volunteered to help.  Knowing this and because she has already received so much support from the organization already,  Julie really wanted to give back and be more involved and she looks forward in serving as the District 3 Treasurer!