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Current Officers:

President:  Jeff Barfield

Vice President:  Wendy Brockwell

Treasurer:  Dale Barfield

Secretary:  Lindsey Thomas

Chapter Facebook Group:

The Colonial Chapter (48)


In 1991, thirteen members of District 3 met and agreed to form a chapter. At the time the application was filed it was decided that the boundary of the Chapter would extend in a radius of 100 miles from Emporia, Virginia and would include counties and towns in Southeastern VA and Northeastern North Carolina. The application for chapter charter was submitted and approved on July 10th 1992. C. Harrell Parker was elected President and served until 1996. 


In August 1995 the Colonial Chapter hosted the Fourth Annual “Weekend at the Beach” in Virginia Beach, VA.


The 2008 Fall Regional in Virginia Beach, VA October 4-6 was hosted by the Colonial Chapter. Virginia Beach Mayor Oberdorf issued a proclamation declaring October 4, 2008 is “Little People of America Day” in Virginia Beach, VA.


Colonial Chapter Presidents

1992-96  C. Harrell Parker

1997-98  David Lee

1999-02  Jill Bryan

2003-06  Shannon Nichols

2007-08  Leta Krieger and Cathy Hughes

2009-10  Leta Krieger

2011-12  Jill Bryan

2013-14  Jeff Barfield

2014-16 Wendy Brockwell

2018-19 Jen Edwards

2020-Present  Jeff Barfield

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