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Current Officers

President:  Brea Brooks

Vice President:  Shellie Weeks

Treasurer:  Traci Ballard


Chapter Facebook Group:

The Carolinian Chapter (45)


The Carolinian Chapter, whose boundary includes those counties in North and South Carolina which are with a radius of 100 miles of Charlotte, North Carolina, was chartered in 1988. The founding members, numbered 10 persons included James D. Turner, Bridget G. Evans, Arthur Evans, Frances Raider, Robert Raider, and Harold Ford and the elected officers: Joyce A. Bacik, President; Helen A. Ford, Vice President; Joy Laurens, Secretary; and Cheryl Anderson, Treasurer.


James D. Turner, better known as Dan Turner, was the Second President of LPA,  He, along with Robert Hinkson and Art Noble incorporated LPA in the State of Indiana in 1961. Dan was editor of the LPA Newsletter for two years, and he was Chairman of the 1962 LPA National Convention that was held in Ashville, N. C. He and his wife Launa also served as LPA Historians for several years.


 After the chapter was chartered monthly meetings were scheduled in members’ homes and public places throughout the chapter area.  A chapter newsletter was published each month.


Dwarf Tossing was a big issue in 1989. Thomas Keegan, an elected Representative in the South Carolina Legislature introduced legislation to ban the practice in South Carolina.  Helen Ford obtained her pilots license.


The Carolinian Chapter members organized and staffed the Harbor Happenings event on July 4 at the National Convention in Baltimore. The suitcase race for adult LP’s was enjoyed by all. Joyce Bacik, Joy Laurens and Cheryl Anderson organized and produced the Fashion Show.


In 1990 Craig Sheally organized the Carolina Hurricanes Basketball Team.


In 2012 Sarah Condon, mother of Madison Condon, worked to have the state of South Carolinian recognize the month of October as Dwarfism awareness month.


Carolinian Chapter Presidents

1988 – 89  Joyce Bacik

1990 – 92  Tim Best

1992 – 94  Cheryl Anderson

1994 – 97  Jeff Sims

1997 – 98  Priscilla Sheally

1998 – 03  Michael Causey

2004 - 06  Joyce Best

2006 - 10  Stephanie Brandon

2010 - 12  Amanda Tisdale

2012 - 16  Calli Heimbach

2016 - 21  Sally Grubb

2021 - 21  Shellie Weeks (Interim)

2021 - Present Brea Brooks

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